Porcelain-Beauty.com is a site dedicated to picture archives of
several established and up and coming fashion models of the doll-face

Featured models are:
Lily Cole, Heather Marks, and, Tiiu Kuik.

August 17, 2006

The computer I make my website on crashed last month, turned out it was because
my cat chewed on a cord that sent an electrical current through the computer and
fried the video card. It has a new video card now and over the next few days we're
going to back-up all my important files and website files on discs and my
roommate's computer so if this happens again my site won't be left like it was the
last month. My website is built offline, so all the layouts, every photo I add to it and
even when I write on it is done offline in files within a program on this hard drive,
that I could not access. All the carefully organized photos are also on it. I'm going
to start working on it again and get as much done as I can before I go back to
school in less then two weeks.

Thank you. Amara

July 20, 2006

This site is now active under its original URL: www.Porcelain-Beauty.com, the
sub-domains for Lily Cole and Heather Marks have permanently changed. I
was previously hosted with Tripod and as I am no longer hosted with them the
word "tripod" is no longer a part of the main or sub-domain URL's for the site.

As I previously stated Heather Marks and Lily Cole remain featured models
for Porcelain-Beauty, but I am no longer going to have Cintia Dicker as part of
the site simply because there is a beautiful site dedicated to her already. In her
place is a site for Tiiu Kuik.

Some features for the main site and the sub-domains may still not be up, I will
add them as time permits.

Thank you.
Lily Cole
Heather Marks
Tiiu Kuik
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